Posted by: debstake | January 7, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama: Year Two

As promised, this entry has to deal with my personal observations of Obama’s job performance. For those of you who think that Obama is some kind of savior I would suggest you NOT read this entry. I think I have been more than fair in waiting and watching for two years and holding my tongue the entire time. For people who me personally that is a MAJOR feat.  However, the time for waiting in my opinion is over, long over.

Let me begin with Obama’s very right to be president. Is the man a “national born citizen” as he claims he is? If he is then why doesn’t the man produce the ACTUAL birth certificate that was issued, and signed by the attending doctor, so he can put this issue to rest. It may seem trivial to some but I do not believe the US constitution is a trivial document. HERE is an article that may FINALLY put to rest this issue.

I am very disappointed not just with Obama but with the democrats and the few republicans (republicans who switch sides to save their jobs bye-bye Specter) in general for letting this man run rough shod over them. A perfect example of this would be the health care package that is going to make US citizens who can’t afford coverage now, get it or be financially penalized for not having it to begin with. Tell me do you think a person who can’t afford coverage is going to be able to afford the financial penalty? Then what happens if they afford either the insurance or the penalty? Jail?, house arrest?, what?

I know there are good components to this law, being able to keep your children on your coverage until age 26 and no longer being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, the cons far out weight the pros as can be explained by this interview with a doctor who understands the ramifications of this law better than any president, bean counter, or politician. There are many states (mine included) that are filing lawsuits over the health-care issue. I counted 40 of 50 states to take on either HHS or the Obama administration personally. HERE is a site that lists all states and the lawsuits pending in each. I think if the Obama health-care law stands we will begin seeing a lot of  THIS.

Another issue I have that has been an issue for this nation long before Obama took office, (but like all his predecessors he’s trying to a find a way to use this issue to get himself re-elected) is the issue of illegal immigration. I am sick and tired of living in a nation where foreigners who think we as Americans owe them something because of past acts are trying (successfully) to take back what they believe is rightly theirs. Namely, the boarder states of Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico. I read a book by Patrick Buchanan (former presidential hopeful) called; State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. My suggestion is this; before you pass judgment on Buchanan or me for sharing his views. Read the book. It can be read on-line HERE. And after reading it, if you are still sympathetic to the down trodden illegal immigrant who is bankrupting our nation, dumbing-down our schools and causing trouble for the boarder states take a look at this: 

I don’t owe these people shit!!! My ancestors did it the right way; they came here to start a new life and worked for that new life. Nothing was given free to them, why should Mexicans think they are entitled to something for nothing? We as CITIZENS OF AMERICA don’t get anything free.

I could write on and on for days at a time about what is wrong with our current president and if people would like me to I shall do it. However, as people read my blog I would like them to think about other issues that they would like me to write about. Feel free to post it here in the comments or drop me an e-mail.


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