Posted by: debstake | March 12, 2011

Nobody Cares!

Above this blog entry is a picture of a billboard that goes up in central PA every April (autism awareness month) that reads “it’s never important until it happens to you”. That is the PC (politically correct) way of saying NOBODY CARES. That billboard is what has prompted me to write this entry. Those with the ability to do something in large part just don’t give a shit about our loved ones with autism! And in all fairness since the epidemic has gotten so bad I really don’t think there is anything any one person alone could do to reverse this situation. But it seems to me that those who are trying to do something are the ones who can least afford ( in a monetary sense) to do it.

After 10+ years of waiting for justice from the kangaroo court known as vaccine court where we have a claim, and now knowing there isn’t going to be any; I have decided to voice publicly my opinion on the pharmaceutical industry, the vaccine court, the supreme court, the CDC and the FDA. People who know me personally will laugh at that previous sentence, for I have been very vocal about this miscarriage of justice. This, however is the first time I have openly and very publicly discussed the courts on this issue. But what the hell, we’ve already lost any hope of justice or compensation.So here goes.

The premise of vaccine court was a good one when it became law in 1986. The court was designed to be non-adversarial, that offered compensation to individuals injured by vaccines or their families if the vaccine killed the person. The reason vaccine court came to be (and this should have sounded the alarm immediately) is because the pharmaceutical industry was being sued a LOT in civil court (and lossing) and they threatened to shut down all production of vaccines if the federal government didn’t protect them. Personally, I think the government should have let them do it. They wouldn’t have anyway, the profit margin far exceeded the payout in lawsuits. But congress being the cowards they are buckled under to the industry. That my friends was the beginning of the end. The industry came to understand pretty quickly that they could, and eventually would, be able to get away with murder! For those that think murder is too harsh a word, think back onto what has transpired since 1986. The drug cartels have received card blanche to make their vaccines anyway they choose. And they choose to make them as unsafely and ineffectively as possible. Money is more important than our children are. And yet I would be willing to bet that none of the higher ups within the industry vaccinate their own children.

So the drug cartels make vaccines unsafely, then adding insult to injury they add toxins, what they call preservatives to these badly designed, unsafely made vaccine. Then after making them, they (after lining the appropriate pockets) have the FDA approve them. One must wonder how this happens, especially with the so-called checks and balances that are suppose to be in place. Well it turns out that the doctors and the companies who make the profits from the vaccine sit on the board (at the FDA of course) that approves the vaccine. Can anyone say CONFLICT OF INTEREST??

I was planning on writing a great deal more on this topic, but I am so damn disgusted about this situation I think I will let it go for now and revisit it later.

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