Posted by: debstake | May 29, 2011

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Operate










A friend of mine of facebook posted a comment about a drug that was designed for epileptic seizures. The drug name is Neurontin. The story about how it (among many others) was marketed for “off-label” issues can be found HERE. This practice does not surprise me in the least. The reason my shock over drug company practices doesn’t exist any more is because I read a book several years ago called: The Truth About the Drug Companies. Many people know how I feel personally about the drug companies because of what happened to my son. There are some who wouldn’t consider my opinion un-biased, and they would be accurate. However, for the doubting thomas’ I want to impress upon you who the writer of this book is.

The author of this book is Marcia Angell MD. Dr. Angell is no ordinary cautious doctor. She is the former editor in chief of The New England Journal of Medicine and held that position for 20 years!! As the book jacket reads: ” During her two decades at The New England Journal of  Medicine, Dr. Marcia Angell had a front-row seat on the growing corruption of the pharmaceutical industry” 

IF I had to recommend only one book as a must read this would be it. This book goes into (gruesome) detail as how the industry works. I lost faith in the industry when they began putting profit above human suffering and life and my son was on the receiving end of that callousness  . This book set in cement  my  suspicion of not just the industry but also their practices.

As a person who has lived the life with someone damaged (deliberately ((though not personally targeting my son)) I believe) by this industry I have several recommendations:

1. GET THIS BOOK!!! I can not emphasis this enough

2. Get over the mind set of the doctor patient relationship. YOU employ doctors to work in YOUR best interests. You must always remember that doctors (no matter how severe their God complex may be) work for YOU & they don’t know EVERYTHING. If they don’t do a good job FIRE THEIR SORRY ASSES!!!

3. Whenever a doctor wants to try you on a new drug ask 2 very important questions:

  1. Is this a new drug that is still in human trials (if it is then they are using you as a human guinea pig)?
  2. Is this drug being prescribed as an “off label” medication for your issues? If so why?
4. ALWAYS do your own research. NEVER take the word of anyone (including me) where your or your children’s health is concerned. Never assume that your doctors motives are in your best interest.
In other words, don’t be a SHEEPLE

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