Posted by: debstake | November 30, 2011

A Month of Thanks

Many of my facebook friends and I did daily posts on what we were thankful for in the month of thanksgiving. These are mine.

November 3 – My “thankful” list is long and I am thankful for that!!

November 5 – I am thankful that I was able to participate in the car weatherization that my church has been doing for 5 years now. I really enjoy this yearly event. Hopefully, I will b able to walk tomorrow though!! LOL

November 6 – thankful that I could get to church after all. The weatherization really made my knees ache.

November 7 – thankful for some peace and quiet for awhile. Kids are off to school and my better half is visiting his mom. Just me and Abby.

November 8 – I am thankful for the extended family that actually bothers with me, has taken the time to find me and that loves me. I love you Kathy R.

November 9 – I used to be scared of autism, now I am grateful, that God saved my son’s life when those vaccines triggered autism. Thankful that my son has such a strong personality that even autism can’t take away his happy good naturedness. Grateful that my family is still intact when so many end in ruin. Thank you God.

November 10 – Iam thankful for my parents, both my biological for bringing me into this world and for placing me for adoption. And my adoptive for raising me and giving me a life of quality. I remember when I told my grade school classmates that I was adopted one very insensitive boy said my “real” parents didn’t love me. My daddy told me to tell this boy that I was truly loved and wanted, could he say the same? Those words changed me forever. My dad (Peter Matthew Schawrtz) was a VERY wise man.

November 12 – I am thankful for the Vista School and all it’s dedicated staff, both past and present. They took a severely autistic child at the age of 6 and within 3 years moved him to the low side of mild. Just to name a few (though no where near all) Valerie Natale, Jennifer Luratio, Jen King, Rob Weimer, Lisa Larkin, Amanda Pendleton, Jocelyn Cale, Erin Edwards and Haley Fox.

November 14 – Iam thankful I don’t live in happy valley and my kids were not victims of the second mile program/ Jerry Sandusky.

November 15 – Today I am thankful both Ben Franklin for harnessing electricity and Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb. Without these men we wouldn’t have the power to use these devices.

November 16 – Today I am thankful for and to my soulmate. I thank God for him and I thank him for sticking out the last almost 26 years. Not all those years have been good, but the majority have been great!!!

November 18 – Today I am thankful that spring is only 5 months away!!! Oh yea!!

November 19 – I am thankful for my greatest teachers, my children.

November 20 – I am thankful that I can go to worship without being fearful of retribution. Where I don’t have to worry about being arrested or killed for my beliefs.

November 21 – I am thankful for my church and minister Pastor Ryan Brown.

November 23 – I am thankful for my special mom’s support group.

November 24 – I am THANKFUL, that at least 1 candidate sticks to his convictions no matter what others have to say or to lie about. Go Ron Paul!!!!

November 25 – today I am thankful that I am married to a great cook and have a daughter who’s desires it is to be a chef!! Following in dad’s footsteps. Taking it up a notch!!!


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