Posted by: debstake | January 4, 2012

In Appreciation..

to so many and for so much….

What brought this home for me today was something taken for granted by so many. I was adding sauerkraut to the roast in the crock pot. I added two bags of it and a third unopened bag needed to go to the refrigerator. I asked JR to put the unopened bag away and to throw away the empties. Not only did he do this, it was two instructions that he performed as one.

Now this may seem minute for some, but if you are the parent of a child with different abilities this is a pretty big deal. I find it very significant as autism goes. JR has always been very engaging with adults, but getting him to listen to them was another matter all together. But over the course of the past eight years while he’s been at his school he’s learned how. He’s learned many other things but the focus has been getting him to listen first. Nothing can be taught if you don’t have the individual’s attention.

And attention is an issue that everyone struggles with at some point. For an individual with autism however, this can be daily, even hourly. JR was like this when he was younger. The school protocol along with the fish oil supplements changed that. JR has a duel diagnosis of ADHD as well as autism. In many respects the ADHD causes bigger problems than does the autism. ADHD is what causes the most learning issues for him. But like most individuals with ADHD if the subject matter is of interest to him he excels greatly.

Another new thing we are seeing is JR is finally verbally expressing “no”. He mastered saying yes verbally and visually, but no was more difficult for him to verbalize, until this break. He just said no when he didn’t want something. Like a lot of verbal mastering it came out of the blue.

So on the whole JR is having another great year at Vista.



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  2. Thank you for your kind words. The graphics however, are not what I am hoping people remember. To me the writing is what should be the focus. But again my thanks for your compliment.

  3. @Dieta I understand what you are saying, and yes autism is everywhere, hence the reason you are being asked if it’s autism. And no I don’t necessarily think a language delay automatically means autism. People need to refer to the DSM (5 I think it is now) and read the criteria for an ASD diagnosis. It’s ironic actually, my son doesn’t have many autistic tendencies anymore but the one that will keep him labeled autistic is the lack of speech.

  4. With the world-wide epidemic of autism, one of the most common questions I’m asked during an initial speech-language evaluation with a child is, “Could my child be autistic?” Many people assume, incorrectly of course, that because a child isn’t talking by age 2 or 3, he or she must be autistic. There are many reasons for speech-language delays in toddlers, and autism is one of them. Late talking in and of itself usually does not mean autism.

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