Posted by: debstake | January 17, 2012

Freedom in Forgiveness (and How This Relates to Vaccines for me)

was the topic of this weeks church service. And I do agree with this, however I do not agree that every sin is the same as every other sin nor  is every sin forgivable. Or even should be forgiven and yet I consider myself a free AND happy person. I mean come on let’s be real here; should the likes of Jerry Sandusky be judged  for what he’s done to countless children the same as someone who ACCIDENTALLY   hits a jaywalker. And should that sin be measured the same as a sin of speeding that results in the accidental hitting of that same jaywalker? According to my pastor one sin is the same as another in God’s eye. So my husband who in fact did accidentally hit a jaywalker and killed him  gets judged by God the same as a murder or child molester? I don’t believe that and I don’t believe that God judges that way either.

I understand that my forgiving others for their transgressions against me is as much for my benefit as for theirs. For example my forgiving , truly forgiving keeps me physically healthier then if I held a grudge. I get that. I even get that forgiving others for their sins against me gives me the gift of forgiveness from God for my sins. However, what I don’t get is how God, according to man’s interpretations of his word, can classify all sin the same. You are never going to convince me that Hitler, the man responsible (along with those who executed his orders) for the extermination of six MILLION people simply because of their ethnic and religious origins is going to be judged the same as me.

I can’t believe that God is going to judge people in an industry that are deliberately going out of their way to injure children in order to reduce the global population while garnering billions of dollars in profits; the same as he would judge the parents who mistakenly trusted the wrong people for the protection and care of their children. Parents who have injured children know exactly what I am talking about here. And I have forgiven many who by no fault of their own and out of their own ignorance caused my son’s injuries. I DO find fault with, and there for cannot forgive, those who continue these practices today with the same results. If the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t deliberately trying to injure our loved ones then why haven’t they done anything to improve and make safer vaccines. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the way to eliminate the need for what they call preservatives (mercury (yes mercury is STILL in vaccines) , aluminum, anti-freeze, MSG, formaldehyde) and what any thinking person calls POISONS is simply by making every vial of vaccine a single dose vial. They add these “preservatives” in order to minimize bacterial growth, so in order to ELIMINATE the bacterial issue and hence forth the need for preservatives all they have to do is make all vaccine vials single dose. Why haven’t they yet? My son’s injuries began on the day of his birth. His official diagnosis of “autism” came down eleven years ago this past August. The truth came to me eleven years ago this coming June. NOTHING has changed to improve the safety of vaccines. NOTHING!!!! Even with more and more coming forward questioning the need for all these vaccines, even with doctors admitting that vaccines are not as safe as once thought. EVEN with government agencies admitting that neither safety or effectiveness have ever been studied. IF (and I highly doubt it will happen) the pharmaceutical industry were to admit their wrong doing, apologize to our loved ones AND correct their practices, then I could and would forgive them.

But I digress as this was suppose to be about forgiveness setting us free. At the end of my pastor’s sermon he asked several questions that we personally are suppose to answer for ourselves. I wish he would have asked them of our congregation during service so we could have had an honest and open discussion about this issue. I think he didn’t out of fear. At any rate here they are with my answers in prenthases:

Questions about Forgiveness:

Have I stepped into the forgiveness of God? Am I living free? (I hope I have and yes I believe I am)

Is there someone I will not forgive? (You bet there is)

Does my need for justice outweigh my willingness to forgive? (Yes it does and always will)

When am I free to not forgive? (There are circumstances of course, but not according to our pastor)

Is there an unforgivable act? (Damn straight there is!!!! Refer to the Hitler, Sandusky and vaccine examples above)

What if they won’t or don’t apologize….am I free to not forgive then? (I think so yes, refer to the vaccine issue noted above)

I don’t believe God gave us JR for no reason. I do believe the reason so many of our children are learning impaired and that God allowed this to happen was to wage a war  against evil. How are we suppose to be effective soldiers in this war if we are expected to forgive the greatest enemy known to man?


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