Posted by: debstake | February 2, 2012

Proof of Union Issues…OR The downfall of the American Economy Part 2

  and now I can prove it. Pennsylvania is known as a “forced unionism state”, along with 22 other states. That leaves 27 states or 51.17 percent “right to work” states. With Indiana  being the most recent addition. As of yesterday in fact. So apparently I am not the only one that understands unions for what they are; DESTRUCTIVE! The link that explains what right to work is can be found HERE.If you want to know the pros and cons of unions feel free to go HERE.

I know my choice of links would put me in the non-union arena. That would be accurate too. I do not believe that public employees, which includes teachers; should have the right to strike anymore than those who work in the industries that keep us safe. Apparently, I am in good company.

I said in my previous article that I felt at one time unions were a necessity. However, passage of various labor laws (child), and safer working condition laws has made unions obsolete. But they insist often times by force (another HUGE con) on hanging on. For the history of child labor laws please go HERE. And for general history of labor go HERE.

Think about this when going to the polls on super Tuesday and in the general election. Obama is very pro union, as this POST proves. You can also do a google search with “brack obama and labor unions”. And Obama paid his debt to the unions, (in part) with the Obama care waivers for unions. But it was at the cost (as usual) of the taxpayer.

Everyone’s big bitch about unions is their ability to strike at will. Well that isn’t always the case. There are some industries, where even if unionized they can not strike. Norfolk Southern has it in their union contracts for both engineers and conductors. For those old enough to remember think back to August 1981 when Ronald Reagan took on the air traffic controllers and their union. This made me a huge fan of Reagans.

On the flip side of the union coin though, the worst and most offensive to any taxpayer is the unions representing teachers in Pennsylvania. This LINK tells the real story of how great unions represent their teachers. And when the school board and superintendent fold the person who pays for this are taxpayers in way of property taxes. So in reality the taxpayer in Pennsylvania really never owns her/his home. Oh sure your mortgage is paid off, but if you can’t pay your taxes you WILL lose your home! So in reality you rent your home from the state. Ain’t that grand?

This is one of the reasons that teachers are dumming down our kids. They may not realize the fact that they are dumming down the next generation, but teachers think, about how the rules of teaching (no child left behind) has curtailed the imagination, independent and critical thinking of our kids today. The teachers I have talked to about it, not only admit teaching to the NCLB laws as ordained by Pa’s department of education but everyone of them said they hated it. Our children are being conditioned to just follow along, be sheeple and not to rock the boat. In other words they are being taught to act like drones “idler, lazy worker” (male bees make no honey).” So they question nothing, care about nothing and will not rise up in indignation over anything.  This has led to some very bad teachers being able to keep their jobs too.

I am glad I was able to have a choice of homeschooling, private education and cyber schooling. My daughter is 17 and knows how to think for herself, question things, has values and never follows along.

Unions may not be mentioned in THIS but it still applies.


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  8. Nick, Thank you very much. It started off with autism and even now in reality it still is. It’s where my drive to do this blog generates from. I AM in fact thinking about my son’s future when I write about what appears to be an off-topic, topic. I write the political pieces and have delved deeply into my personal life for the sake of both my children. Being a parent I am terrified for their future. Our parents were a little scared for our futures (we are the baby boomers) but as a mother of the age of 50 and (of a 17 and 14 year old) remembering what it was like growing up, I am realizing that my children’s future is very bleak. As their mother it is my duty to at least attempt to effect change. Hence, this blog.

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