Posted by: debstake | February 10, 2012

FDA & Supplements…

why exactly is the FDA so interested in removing supplements from the consumers use? My belief is simply because big PHARMA doesn’t want the competition and since pharma can’t patent supplements as the ingredients are found in nature they want them removed from our hands. Supplements are proven to be safer than drugs with little to no side effects. And the benefits of supplements have long lasting (some lifetime) effects for the user. Where as the side effects of drugs can also have long lasting effects, some life ending. If you ever see the ads on TV for drugs the side effects are worse then the disease they are treating in many cases. A perfect example of this is chemotherapy drugs. If the cancer doesn’t kill you then the chemo probably will. How can big pharma compete with supplements with these issues? They can’t so since they own the FDA the agency is doing their bidding for them.

HERE is the draft that the FDA has proposed for limiting our access to supplements. There is a bill sponsored by the autism communities own Dan Burton (R-IN) called the  “Dietary Supplement Protection Act” (bill number H.R.3380). HERE is the bill. In a nut shell the FDA  wants all new dietary ingredients (i.e., those on the market from October 15, 1994 on) to jump through regulatory hoops that Congress never intended for them.  More specifically, the FDA’s draft Guidance for Industry on New Dietary Ingredients (issued last July) would subject these “new” supplements to expensive, drug-like testing requirements for safety that will effectively eliminate thousands of supplements because it simply will not be cost-effective for companies to spend the millions of dollars on each dietary-supplement ingredient.  Sales will not justify the expense and the products will be dropped like hot potatoes. What Burton’s bill will do is move the defining date of October 15, 1994, to a more realistic and recent date of January 1, 2007. In this one simple act, the bill encompasses within that previous grandfathering clause all of the “new” dietary-supplement ingredients that have appeared in that 13-year interval and that would otherwise be subject to the onerous requirements of the FDA Guidance.

A lot of people would think this is no big deal since the safety and effectiveness testing done on current drugs is minimal at best and always done by the drug cartels themselves. However, one of the defining attributes of the FDA is the double standard they apply to industries they don’t like because of who they are in bed with. Think Vioxx, vaccines,  and now GMO seeds.

I consider myself pretty well versed on this topic, as supplements have been a major part of my son’s life for the past eight years. They have helped him in ways I can’t even begin to express here. The side effects have been negligible at best. And the 2 supplements he had reactions to were removed from his line up and the reactions ended. My son has gone from severely autistic to the low side of mild in three short years. His supplements have played a huge roll in this improvement. His educational setting has also been a huge benefit but it is my belief today as it was 8 years ago that if you don’t heal the body (which is what supplements do) then teaching/learning is not possible.

So supplements are a huge issue for my family and hundreds of thousands of other folks as well. Things can be done to stop this. Contact your federal members of congress and have them protest the FDA attempts and support the Burton bill. If we want to maintain and regain our freedoms it’s obvious that we will have to fight for them. Get involved!!

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