Posted by: debstake | February 14, 2012

Religion vs Obama

or the Catholic church vs Obama. The issue is the mandatory requirement of the Obama health care plan to offer and pay for birth control and the morning after pill. Being a lapsed Catholic I can tell you without reservation or hesitation that Obama has taken on the wrong people. And it’s obvious that even he knows this; as his compromise (which was rejected by the Catholic bishop) was offered just days after the mandate was made public. View the news feed: Bishops reject contraception compromise. HERE is a piece from house speaker John Boehner. Another post HERE indicates that the White House didn’t foresee what would happen with this mandate! If that is true then our President is the BIGGEST MORON to ever take office and his staff are just as stupid as he is.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what the agenda is here. Obama is very pro-abortion and has been since I can remember. He’s a proponent of partial birth abortions (which is what really cost himself my vote). Doing a google search will give a person a pretty clear picture of what Obama is all about where abortion (of any kind) is concerned. I have a few here though for your ease of reading.

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation
Barack Obama Defends Opposition to Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in Interview
Obama takes pro choice stance too far. Supports partial birth abortion and infanticide

So now one has to ask why is pregnancy prevention and abortion procedures even covered by the Obamacare law? It has been proven time and again that hormonal based birth control (any kind) is not in the best interest of a woman’s health. Side effects range from mild to life threatening. Do a google search using the phrase “birth control side effects” and you will see what I am talking about. Personally, I know a woman who at the age of 23 (she was a smoker) who had a stroke because of the pill. This was some time ago (2o years) and supposedly today’s pills are  “safe”. Excuse my skepticism on this though, I remember being told how safe vaccines were and we all remember the Vioxx scandal don’t we?

I think one of the reasons this contraception and support for abortion is such a big issue is because of population control of the planet. HERE is a piece that deals with the issue of population control. And another piece can be found HERE.

And why are tax payers being required to pay for these things, even if it goes against their religious belief system? This is another issue of the separation of church and state.  Obama is treading on some very thin ice here. He doesn’t want to take on the religions of this nation. Taking on the first amendment, the amendment that founded this very nation may cost him his re-election. See there is a silver lining to every gray cloud!! 🙂 So keep it up Obama and you’ll be run out of this country on a rail. We can only hope!


  1. Deb, Don’t disagree with your major premise on abortion. All I am saying is that it is also, in the minds of many, wrong for government to put to death anyone…whether it be by drones, lethal injection or otherwise. Paying taxes to support these actions is also one to be considered. You either can decide to not pay at all on religious grounds… and accept the consequences…or pay to Caesar what is due Ceasar and argue for your cause in other ways to convince lawmakers and the courts. The more we remove religion from the debate, in my opinion, the better off we are. I will always be buying products where the profits from my purchase may be used by the stockholders and company owners in ways that I do not agree with. My option is to not buy the product or to live in 2 different universes, which is what most of us opt to do. Same holds true for our taxes…gotta pay them and can’t totally control how they are used but can try to get them changed by “protesting the war”, “protesting capital punishment” or “protesting abortion”…etc….BTW Have a blessed and Happy weekend while also remembering those who died believing they were helping to save us. I remember standing at Omaha Beach years ago looiking at all the 18, 19. 20+ year olds who died liberating Europe from the Nazis.

  2. Happy Memorial day to you too. I had 2 uncles that served in WW2. They both came home, thank God. And as to the rest, well I see your point on some aspects and disagree totally on others. But that’s the conservative/liberal relationship we have eh?? LOL Take care and talk soon.

  3. I am not referring to paying taxes here Joe. What I am referring to is, as taxpayers why are we paying for abortions if it goes against our religious belief system. There is a big difference. I am talking about taxpayer monies being used to fund Planned Parenthood. I am talking about the murder of innocent lives. It can be justified a thousand different ways but in my mind and in some situations of the law it is actually considered murder. For example in many states, and I believe Pennsylvania is one of them; if a pregnant woman is murdered, the accused is charged with 2 counts of murder. What makes abortion any different? The fact that a woman chooses to end her pregnancy? Why isn’t she being charged then? If the murderer chose to end a pregnant woman’s life and there for the life of her unborn child, then why isn’t the pregnant woman who chooses to end the life of her unborn baby treated the same way? Double standards have never sat very well with me and this is another fine example of a double standard. We can’t, or rather shouldn’t, have it both ways.

  4. I do not think that the secular act of paying taxes can be linked to one’s religious beliefs. You can, as many did during the Vietnam War, not pay the portion of your taxes that you believe are being used towards the war, but you must then submit yourself to the consequences of goverment action. The government has no responsibility to respect your religion since there are too many crazy beliefs that would be impossible to manage. I may agree with a number of things you state but the relationship with Ceasar remains. I am free to “suffer” the consequences of my actions but should not expect the first secular government in the history of the world to behave differently!

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