Posted by: debstake | June 28, 2012

Did You Hear That….

The rattle, the kind made sometimes when people pass over?? I did, hell it was probably felt/heard around the globe. You should have and if you didn’t then you are not paying attention. Which is exactly how things got this bad to begin with.

Today was the day that America died. The people who murdered her were Barrack Hussain Obama, congress and the supreme court. The liberal morons on the court came down with two rulings recently. The first said that a state in this country is not allowed to protect itself from foreign invaders (illegal aliens) even though there are federal laws that are supposed to protect states from this very thing. The NY Times did a piece on the results of that ruling and it can be found HERE. This ruling was bad and some of the reactions can be found HERE (this is a video so load time will vary) and HERE.

And now the supremes have turned traitor to America by upholding Obama care. Obama care is socialized medicine. A practice that has been implemented in England where annually upwards of 130,000 people that were 70 plus years old were allowed to die because the government didn’t think their lives were worth the cost of the procedures that could have saved them! They call their death panel “Liverpool Death Pathway”. Read about it HERE. At least England is being honest about their death panel. Our morons in Washington are still lying about it. There are so many valid reasons that this bill should be repealed. HERE and HERE are but two of them. Another HUGE issue I have with this whole thing is the requirement of the RFID chips. Supposedly, these chips are supposed to have our medical information on them for easy access my medical personal. There is a much more insidious side to all this too. Once those chips are injected into your bodies you truly become a slave to government. Read about it HERE.

My primary concern has many facets to it. Not the least of which is the FACT that everything this federal government has done over the past 30 years or so had the Midas effect in reverse. In other words what they touch turns to SHIT!! The educational and military complex are but two. The death panels scare me to, well, death. I have a son with special needs. What happens to him if he needs a surgery that the government deems he can’t have because he isn’t a “productive” member of society because of his special needs? He will die because they will withhold treatment. A productive member of society is someone deemed paying into the system in the form of taxes. In other words someone employed. So people that are retired, disabled or unable to work for a myriad of  many reasons will be allowed to die. The fact that there are death panels in the law should scare everyone. But like usual most people can’t see the long term effects/big picture. Obama care like vaccines is just another form of eugenics. People who can’t see that are wearing blinders/don’t care or are just stupid.

I learned years ago how to see the big picture and frankly it scares me and my husband enough that we are seriously considering leaving the country we were born in. It’s kind of ironic I think; American citizens leaving America like our ancestors left their homelands for the same reasons in order to come to America.

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