Posted by: debstake | May 22, 2012

Think Ron Paul is Out of it??

Think again, just because the liberal (code for Obama owned) media isn’t reporting on Ron Paul’s successes doesn’t mean he isn’t being successful. A perfect example is HERE. Dr Paul has collected many of Rick Santorum’s delegates after Santorum bowed out of the race. In addition America is beginning to wake-up to what is happening in this nation and realize that Nobama is not the answer. Obama has done many things over the course of his presidency that have slapped the american people, the founding fathers and the constitution in the face. I compare Obama to Hitler often and if you know the history of how Hitler took over Germany you would understand the comparison. I live with a man who is a walking encylopedia on world war two, especially in the european theater.

Everyone knows, or should;  that the primary is nothing more than a popularity contest when it comes to those that are running. The delegates, on the other hand are the important aspect of who we, as American voters should be paying attention to when we vote in the primaries. They are the folks that then select which candidate they best feel will defeat the opponent. In other words; it’s the delegates that have the real power. And Ron Paul is winning more delegates than what Romney is now.

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