Posted by: debstake | January 24, 2013

Socialism in America…How do You People Justify…UPDATED


your choices when you re-elected Obama? And how do you sleep at night? It amazes me that the brainwashed/brain dead not only voted for this inept man the first time but you proved your stupidity yet again by re-electing him to a second term. I’ve lost a few friends over this man, and frankly if my former friends aren’t intelligent enough to see this man for who he really is, especially AFTER I provided to them evidence, then these aren’t people worth knowing.

Let’s begin with what he’s done in his first term;

1.) Got the US into a deeper recession by trying to “stimulate” the economy by giving our tax money to companies that used it to pay out fat bonuses (AIG) or to companies that ultimately moved their American production off shore.

2. Signing into law the NDAA of 2012 on New Years Eve 2011, (while everyone was out having a good time. Coincidence?? I think not!!!) with riders 1021 and 1022. These riders give Obama blanket authority to a.) detain AMERICAN citizens on AMERICAN soil without charges b.) Denies the detainee due process of law (no attorney, no phone call, no charges c.) INDEFINITELY!!!!

3. Benghazi – While in the situation room Obama, Clinton and others saw what was happening via drones and REFUSED to lift a finger to help while 2 marines fought for seven hours holding off the insurgents. All with military help within an hours distance from the embassy. Can anyone say MURDERERS!!!

4. Obamacare – upwards of  80% of the citizens of America did not want this and for good cause. The changes that are taking effect now are already causing people to lose their healthcare coverage. My husband may very well end up losing his job because he’s been with the company for 20 years, and they can replace him for cheaper and NOT have to pay benefits either. Does that seem just? Just do a google search for medicare and obamacare and you’ll see what I am saying. And this is only the beginning as the Affordable Cares Act won’t be fully implement until 2014.

These are just four examples PRIOR to his re-election of his total disregard for our way of life, our constitution and America!!

Since the election he’s been bypassing congress with executive orders to remove our gun rights. Using as an example the Sandy Hook tragedy as an excuse. A tragedy that many suspect was caused deliberately by his administration in order to remove our 2nd amendment rights. One good thing though is his gun grab is back firing and 13 states have or are in the process of enacting laws that would make it a felony for any federal agent to cross into states to grab these guns. The most recent state to present a bill is Pennsylvania. Information on our efforts can be found HERE. It is also backfiring another way, people who never would have entertained the idea of owning guns are buying them up.

And now for the latest attempts look HERE. I am so happy that my eldest child is out of school and that my youngest goes to a private school.

I never voted for this man or his misguided child like ways and I will fight to my death for my country, my constitution and my way of life. My children and their future are at stake and the cost for protecting all of that can’t be too high! For those who are interested in doing same check out the OathKeepers website HERE.

UPDATE: It was conveyed to me by my instructor that I should remove this post. He is fearful that if potential employers come across this post that I will come across negatively to them. I understand his thinking and I agree he is probably correct. HOWEVER, my values are more important to me than any job I may acquire for myself by removing this post.

So I am updating this post to further explain my destain for Obama on the hopes that potential employers and my instructor gets a more balanced perspective of why I hold Obama in such contempt to begin with.

So here is yet another reason why I hold this man in such contempt, what I didn’t say in the original publishing of this post, and should have, is why I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008. The issue then to me was abortion. Now I understand their are extenuating circumstances for all situations including abortion. I take issue with women who use abortion as a form of birth control, but I take even bigger issue with partial-birth abortions. Something that Obama was then, and still is now in support of. Partial birth abortion is performed one of 2 ways; severing of the infants head with a breech presentation or inserting scissors into the soft palate of the brain and sucking the brains out with a head down birth. Partial birth abortions are typically done between 20 and 36 weeks. Twenty weeks for the breech presentation and up to 36 weeks for the head down birth. THIS link presents the facts on the procedure and THIS link presents the less emotional more legal perspective on this procedure. And HERE is another link for those who have forgotten what he said or don’t believe he said it. Try arguing with this!!!!

Now, one must ask themselves, do you really want your leader to have such distain for human life that they would actually not only support this procedure but allow federal taxpayer funding for it? I can’t support a person like this and it’s not a hypothesis of whether or not Obama is this kind of person. The Benghazi debacle proves he has nothing but contempt for human life.

So no, I will not take this post down. I stand by every word because I have to look myself in the mirror every single day of my remaining time on this planet. But more importantly, the time will come when I will have to look my daddy and my father in the eye and explain my actions or lack there of. My blog is my personal action for whatever. It may not be enough but it’s what I can do for now. If I sway one person’s perspective to think differently, or outside the box, just one person, then I think I’ve done ok.


  1. It should be noted that roughly 50 days before the 2012 election, references to this plan were removed and no plan was in place on the site –

  2. charged that, in revising his bill, Obama had “removed language mandating prompt reporting and simply offered guidance to regulators”.

  3. Keep this going please, great job!

  4. Ok Joe fair enough my side too. I’ll change the picture to something less inflammatory and remove the asshat and replace it with something a tad more appropriate. Just to let you know though, when I did a goggle search for my name nothing came up for this blog. However to cover my bases I have decided to set a new e-mail address, a professional one that has nothing other than:

    “Warmest Regards
    Deborah Delp”

    You never would have known about this blog if not for the link in my personal e-mail address. My personal facebook page doesn’t even come up on search.

  5. Ok, fair enough. Just think the target and pseudo obscenities might be reconsidered.. Otherwise I believe in the First Amendment.

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